The Start Of Something New

ARTISAN BAKERY Established in 2019

"Browniegod is born out of a family passion for baking. Our products is more than brownies, it’s a way to share moments," wrote Kanita Ramaxhiku. Well before she co-founded Browniegod, Kanita was fascinated with baking from a young age. Together with her brother, Xhenis, they combined their expertise in baking and design to create an artisan bakery that specialises in personalised brownie gift boxes. The business started from humble beginnings, with the siblings making all the brownies at home and selling them at a market stall in St. Pauls, London. Today, Browniegod is a leading online artisan bakery with a large international following that serves tens of thousands of customers across the UK.


Product Developer & Pastry Chef

Job Details:

‣ Role: Product developer and pastry chef (i.e. working in both roles).
‣ Salary: £11-16 per hour
‣ Job type: Permanent - Full time
‣ Experience: Attended a culinary-related course OR at least 1-year experience in a professional environment (as either a baker, pastry chef, chocolatier, or any other relevant field)
‣ Location: Hackney Central, London (near overground station ‘Hackney Central’)
‣ Start date: Between November 2022 - January 2023 (depending on the availability of the candidate)
‣ Requirement: Must have the right to work in the UK


Thank you for your interest in this role.

It's an exciting time for Browniegod. We have seen a lot of demand for our brownies and we are looking to expand our product range by hiring a passionate and talented product developer and baker (i.e. working in both roles).  

For our team, we want to create a vibe that promotes creativity and entrepreneurship. Given that the new hire will be taking over from our co-founder as a product developer, we require at least 1-year experience in a professional environment (as either a baker, pastry chef, chocolatier, or any other relevant field). We value individuals that are passionate and keen to develop their careers. 

For you, this is truly a unique opportunity to challenge your creativity and make a significant impact on the future of Browniegod. Working in a start-up environment will broaden your knowledge and skills across many fields such as product development, business operations, management, content creation, and lots more!

Successful applicants will be expected to:

‣ Assist the kitchen to prepare the orders (baking, decorating, managing orders etc…). This will make up around 60% of the role. 

‣ Innovate and expand our collection of products - this will include researching product ideas, recipe testing, and designing the aesthetics of products. This will be done after the orders for the day have been completed.

‣ Feature on our social media content. We love to show the behind-the-scenes of our business on social media so there will be instances when you will be featured (we normally give the team notice when we will feature them). We also encourage you to come up with ideas of what you want to showcase to our audience. 

‣ Working well in a team and under pressure. We are proud that we work in an environment where everyone gets along and enjoy working with each other. Sometimes we can get really busy so it is important to be able to communicate well with others and offer support where needed.

Next steps

Click the button below where you will be expected to: complete a short form, attach a CV, and include pictures of your most impressive bakes (minimum two pictures).

Please note that once you submit your form, we will aim to respond within a week. If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at with the subject line “Hiring”. Thanks for your time - we look forward to hearing from you.